Unreleased (changes):

  • Added support for Python 3.10. (#278)


Released September 2, 2021 (changes):

  • Added Linux AArch64 wheels. (#276)
  • Fixed C integer conversion, manifesting as parsing errors on big-endian platforms. (#277)


Released May 16, 2021 (changes):

  • Improved parsing of external links. (#232)
  • Fixed parsing of nested wikilinks.
  • Ported tests to pytest. (#237)
  • Moved mwparserfromhell package to src/ dir.
  • There was no 0.6.1 release due to a packaging error.


Released December 21, 2020 (changes):

Thanks to everyone for their patience with this release!

  • Breaking change: dropped support for end-of-life Python 2.7 and 3.4.
  • Added support for Python 3.8 and 3.9.
  • Added binary wheels for Linux and macOS.
  • Updated Wikicode.matches() to recognize underscores as being equivalent to spaces. (#216)
  • Added a default parameter to Template.get(), and implement dict-style item access for template parameters. (#252)
  • Fixed a rare parsing bug involving deeply nested style tags. (#224)
  • Fixed parsing of section headings inside templates. (#233)
  • Updated HTML tag definitions.
  • Internal refactoring and cleanup.


Released May 15, 2019 (changes):

  • Fixed an unlikely crash in the C tokenizer when interrupted while parsing a heading.


Released March 30, 2019 (changes):


Released November 1, 2018 (changes):

  • Dropped support for end-of-life Python versions 2.6, 3.2, 3.3. (#199, #204)
  • Fixed signals getting stuck inside the C tokenizer until parsing finishes, in pathological cases. (#206)
  • Fixed <wbr> not being considered a single-only tag. (#200)
  • Fixed a C tokenizer crash on Python 3.7 when compiled with assertions. (#208)
  • Cleaned up some minor documentation issues. (#207)


Released March 3, 2018 (changes):

  • Improved behavior when adding parameters to templates (via Template.add()) with poorly formatted whitespace conventions. (#185)
  • Fixed the parser getting stuck in deeply nested HTML tags with unclosed, quoted attributes. (#190)


Released June 23, 2017 (changes):

  • Added Wikicode.contains() to determine whether a Node or Wikicode object is contained within another Wikicode object.
  • Added Wikicode.get_ancestors() and Wikicode.get_parent() to find all ancestors and the direct parent of a Node, respectively.
  • Fixed a long-standing performance issue with deeply nested, invalid syntax (issue #42). The parser should be much faster on certain complex pages. The “max cycle” restriction has also been removed, so some situations where templates at the end of a page were being skipped are now resolved.
  • Made Template.remove(keep_field=True) behave more reasonably when the parameter is already empty.
  • Added the keep_template_params argument to Wikicode.strip_code(). If True, then template parameters will be preserved in the output.
  • Wikicode objects can now be pickled properly (fixed infinite recursion error on incompletely-constructed StringMixIn subclasses).
  • Fixed Wikicode.matches()’s behavior on iterables besides lists and tuples.
  • Fixed len() sometimes raising ValueError on empty node lists.
  • Fixed a rare parsing bug involving self-closing tags inside the attributes of unpaired tags.
  • Fixed release script after changes to PyPI.


Released December 30, 2016 (changes):

  • Added support for Python 3.6.
  • Fixed parsing bugs involving:
    • wikitables nested in templates;
    • wikitable error recovery when unable to recurse;
    • templates nested in template parameters before other parameters.
  • Fixed parsing file-like objects.
  • Made builds deterministic.
  • Documented caveats.


Released October 29, 2015 (changes):

  • Added Windows binaries for Python 3.5.
  • Fixed edge cases involving wikilinks inside of external links and vice versa.
  • Fixed a C tokenizer crash when a keyboard interrupt happens while parsing.


Released July 30, 2015 (changes):

  • Fixed setup script not including header files in releases.
  • Fixed Windows binary uploads.


Released July 30, 2015 (changes):

  • The process for building Windows binaries has been fixed, and these should be distributed along with new releases. Windows users can now take advantage of C speedups without having a compiler of their own.
  • Added support for Python 3.5.
  • < and > are now disallowed in wikilink titles and template names. This includes when denoting tags, but not comments.
  • Fixed the behavior of preserve_spacing in Template.add() and keep_field in Template.remove() on parameters with hidden keys.
  • Removed _ListProxy.detach(). SmartLists now use weak references and their children are garbage-collected properly.
  • Fixed parser bugs involving:
    • templates with completely blank names;
    • templates with newlines and comments.
  • Heavy refactoring and fixes to the C tokenizer, including:
    • corrected a design flaw in text handling, allowing for substantial speed improvements when parsing long strings of plain text;
    • implemented new Python 3.3 PEP 393 Unicode APIs.
  • Fixed various bugs in SmartList, including one that was causing memory issues on 64-bit builds of Python 2 on Windows.
  • Fixed some bugs in the release scripts.


Released May 23, 2015 (changes):

  • The parser now falls back on pure Python mode if C extensions cannot be built. This fixes an issue that prevented some Windows users from installing the parser.
  • Added support for parsing wikicode tables (patches by David Winegar).
  • Added a script to test for memory leaks in scripts/
  • Added a script to do releases in scripts/
  • skip_style_tags can now be passed to mwparserfromhell.parse() (previously, only Parser.parse() allowed it).
  • The recursive argument to Wikicode's filter() methods now accepts a third option, RECURSE_OTHERS, which recurses over all children except instances of forcetype (for example, code.filter_templates(code.RECURSE_OTHERS) returns all un-nested templates).
  • The parser now understands HTML tag attributes quoted with single quotes. When setting a tag attribute’s value, quotes will be added if necessary. As part of this, Attribute’s quoted attribute has been changed to quotes, and is now either a string or None.
  • Calling Template.remove() with a Parameter object that is not part of the template now raises ValueError instead of doing nothing.
  • Parameters with non-integer keys can no longer be created with showkey=False, nor have the value of this attribute be set to False later.
  • _ListProxy.destroy() has been changed to _ListProxy.detach(), and now works in a more useful way.
  • If something goes wrong while parsing, ParserError will now be raised. Previously, the parser would produce an unclear BadRoute exception or allow an incorrect node tree to be build.
  • Fixed parser bugs involving:
    • nested tags;
    • comments in template names;
    • tags inside of <nowiki> tags.
  • Added tests to ensure that parsed trees convert back to wikicode without unintentional modifications.
  • Added support for a NOWEB environment variable, which disables a unit test that makes a web call.
  • Test coverage has been improved, and some minor related bugs have been fixed.
  • Updated and fixed some documentation.


Released April 22, 2014 (changes):

  • Added support for Python 2.6 and 3.4.
  • Template.has() is now passed ignore_empty=False by default instead of True. This fixes a bug when adding parameters to templates with empty fields, and is a breaking change if you rely on the default behavior.
  • The matches argument of Wikicode's filter() methods now accepts a function (taking one argument, a Node, and returning a bool) in addition to a regex.
  • Re-added flat argument to Wikicode.get_sections(), fixed the order in which it returns sections, and made it faster.
  • Wikicode.matches() now accepts a tuple or list of strings/Wikicode objects instead of just a single string or Wikicode.
  • Given the frequency of issues with the (admittedly insufficient) tag parser, there’s a temporary skip_style_tags argument to parse() that ignores '' and ''' until these issues are corrected.
  • Fixed a parser bug involving nested wikilinks and external links.
  • C code cleanup and speed improvements.


Released September 1, 2013 (changes):

  • Added support for Python 3.2 (along with current support for 3.3 and 2.7).
  • Renamed Template.remove()’s first argument from name to param, which now accepts Parameter objects in addition to parameter name strings.


Released August 29, 2013 (changes):

  • Fixed a parser bug involving URLs nested inside other markup.
  • Fixed some typos.


Released August 24, 2013 (changes):

  • Added complete support for HTML Tags, including forms like <ref>foo</ref>, <ref name="bar"/>, and wiki-markup tags like bold ('''), italics (''), and lists (*, #, ; and :).
  • Added support for ExternalLinks ( and [ Example]).
  • Wikicode's filter() methods are now passed recursive=True by default instead of False. This is a breaking change if you rely on any filter() methods being non-recursive by default.
  • Added a matches() method to Wikicode for page/template name comparisons.
  • The obj param of Wikicode.insert_before(), insert_after(), replace(), and remove() now accepts Wikicode objects and strings representing parts of wikitext, instead of just nodes. These methods also make all possible substitutions instead of just one.
  • Renamed Template.has_param() to has() for consistency with Template’s other methods; has_param() is now an alias.
  • The C tokenizer extension now works on Python 3 in addition to Python 2.7.
  • Various bugfixes, internal changes, and cleanup.


Released June 20, 2013 (changes):

  • The parser now fully supports Python 3 in addition to Python 2.7.
  • Added a C tokenizer extension that is significantly faster than its Python equivalent. It is enabled by default (if available) and can be toggled by setting mwparserfromhell.parser.use_c to a boolean value.
  • Added a complete set of unit tests covering parsing and wikicode manipulation.
  • Renamed filter_links() to filter_wikilinks() (applies to ifilter() as well).
  • Added filter methods for Arguments, Comments, Headings, and HTMLEntities.
  • Added before param to Template.add(); renamed force_nonconformity to preserve_spacing.
  • Added include_lead param to Wikicode.get_sections().
  • Removed flat param from get_sections().
  • Removed force_no_field param from Template.remove().
  • Added support for Travis CI.
  • Added note about Windows build issue in the README.
  • The tokenizer will limit itself to a realistic recursion depth to prevent errors and unreasonably long parse times.
  • Fixed how some nodes’ attribute setters handle input.
  • Fixed multiple bugs in the tokenizer’s handling of invalid markup.
  • Fixed bugs in the implementation of SmartList and StringMixIn.
  • Fixed some broken example code in the README; other copyedits.
  • Other bugfixes and code cleanup.


Released September 21, 2012 (changes):

  • Added support for Comments (<!-- foo -->) and Wikilinks ([[foo]]).
  • Added corresponding ifilter_links() and filter_links() methods to Wikicode.
  • Fixed a bug when parsing incomplete templates.
  • Fixed strip_code() to affect the contents of headings.
  • Various copyedits in documentation and comments.


Released August 23, 2012:

  • Initial release.